Eyes of the Jungle

Ages: 8+,
Players: 1 - 12
Playing time: 30 min
Author: Jim Deacove

Eyes of the Jungle

Some problems have arisen in the jungle! A temple was robbed, endangered animals are caught and two children are lost. The players are scouts on a jungle expedition.

On their journey through the jungle, they encounter many dangers. Fortunately, the scouts are very smart and focused on co-operation. With simple tools they can overcome any obstacle.

EYES OF THE JUNGLE is an exciting game in which strategy and creativity are needed to reach the collective goal. In each game, the players think up new solutions for the dangers on their journey.

CONTENTS: Game board, playing pieces (2 children, 2 animals, 2 treasures, 2 teams of scouts, 30 obstacles and 21 equipments), game rules.