Harvest Time

Ages: 3+,
Players: 2 - 8
Playing time: 10 min
Author: Jim Deacove

Harvest Time

During spring, we have planted several crops in our vegetable garden. Now summer has arrived and the garden is filled with delicious vegetables. It’s harvest time!

While harvesting the sweetcorn, carrots, beans and tomatoes, the warm summer slowly gives way to the chilly autumn. Will we succeed in harvesting all the vegetables before autumn has arrived?

HARVEST TIME is an easy-to-learn game with an interesting game system. Playing this game will show that helping each other can make the difference.

CONTENTS: Game board, 12 tomatoes, 12 carrots, 12 beans, 12 sweetcorn, 6 spring cards, 6 autumn cards, 1 special die with colour dots, game rules.