Home Builders

Ages: 4+,
Players: 1 - 8
Playing time: 15 min
Author: Jim Deacove

Home Builders

What kind of home would you like: an igloo, teepee, houseboat or rather a terraced house? Together we build houses from all over the world. While we are building, earthquakes, storms, floods and forest fires may cause damage to the homes. Sometimes we can take measures to protect them. And if they do get damaged, we can repair them together!

In the first game the builders will try to build three houses. In each subsequent game we will build one more. Building nine houses is the ultimate challenge! But will we then still succeed in protecting them against the forces of nature?

HOME BUILDERS is a building game with an emphasis on planning and consultation. The seven levels of play provide many challenges. Therefore the game is also suitable for older children.

CONTENTS: Game board, 36 home cards, 4 natural disaster cards, 2 safety measure cards, 2 repair cards, game rules.