Join us at the co-op square!

This year at Spiel we will be going as a collective of co-operative publishers. We practice what we preach by working together on this big fair instead of competing. It means that instead of going for selling just our own games, we will be promoting all co-op games.

In the video below Max explains.

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  • Work within a co-operative team
  • Show your co-op games in a co-op way
  • Be part of our marketing before and during the fair
  • Share in the profit of the co-op square store
  • Have new places at the fair where visitors can see your brand and game

Who will join the co-op square?

Currently we are working together with four publishers.

  • Peaceable Kingdom –  The biggest publisher of just co-op games in the United States
  • Bioviva – A French publisher working to make a positive impact on the planet
  • Climate Oasis – A debuting American publisher with a co-operative game about rebuilding society
  • Sunny Games – The biggest publisher of just co-op games in the Europe.

During the week we will be joined by well known game authors such as Jörg Domberger (Villa des Paten), Matt Leacock (Pandemic) and Antoine Bauza(Hanabi).

Be part our team

There are many ways to co-operate in the co-op square. And we would love to talk together to see how we can spread our co-operative message together.

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