Ages: 6+,
Players: 1 - 6
Playing time: 15 min
Author: Anno van Haandel & Davita Sinke


It is night in the forest. It is so dark that the young night animals cannot find their parents! Together with Firefly and Glowworm we will help them out. Can we reunite all the night animals before the sun rises?

Nocturnally is an exciting and challenging variation on the well known Memory game. The players help each other to remember the cards. Several levels of play guarantee many joyful hours!

Contents: 30 animal cards, 6 moon cards, time track, firefly/glowworm on wooden stand, 4 counters for downloadable expansion, rulebook.

White Rabbit expansion

For our true fans, we developed a variation with even more strategy. The rules did not fit into the 9-language rules booklet, but you can view them online and download them.

Click here for the expansion

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