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At home

The games of Sunny Games are all friendly games that are very suitable for playing at home. The fun of cooperative games is that children of different ages can play together quite enjoyable. The well-known dilemma between (grand)parents and children, “Will I let the child win” is solved in cooperation games. You win or lose together! Each child can participate at his or her level. In most games a child is not a ‘spoilsport’ if they step out halfway through the game, the challenge is indeed in the game and not beating the other players. For children who ‘cannot take their loss’ playing our games will help immensely. Shared sorrow is half sorrow!

Many of our games have short turns so you can play easily with a large number of children. Max the Tomcat, ZooMemo and Secret Door, all fit up to 8 players. For all our games is true, that playing them creates a positive attitude because all family members have the same goal. This will contribute to a good atmosphere at home. And if we win together, we celebrate all together!

An unexpected benefit of our games is that a child can have lots of fun on his own to. Because the challenge lies within the game, it can still be exciting without other players! Playing together naturally remains the most enjoyable.

Finally, we want to mention inventing your own rules, something that many children like to do. In competitive games, changing the rules will often make the game “unfair”. A cooperative game might become easier or harder to win, but when the players choose together to make their own rules that’s fine! Home-made rules can give the game an extra dimension this way. Should you have figured out a super cute version, let us know and we will mention this on our website !!!


At school

Many schools use the Sunny Games editions. In cooperative games children feel generally safer than in competitive games. The positive atmosphere during the game makes it easier for the kids to show themselves and to use their personal qualities. The games usually require much deliberation. In a playful way, skills are practiced like supporting your opinion and listening to each other. All without the need for an explicit “educational” content.

In the field of education and pedagogy Sunny Games works closely with Earth Games. Earth Games is educational supplier of our games and advises in translating and developing new games. More info on the About Us page.



Many child coaches and therapists like to work with cooperative games. Short games like Max the Tomcat, ZooMemo and Pinch the Poachers can provide a nice start of a therapy session. There is no need to start ‘working’ and playfully a contact between the child and coach is created, aiming together to get there. Fantasy games like Parado and UFO are an excellent tool to get a glimpse into the inner world of the child.

Also for coaches and therapists the website of our partner Earth Games may be an interesting source of information and ideas.


Some experiences

“For years, I am a fan of cooperative games. I play them with my own children and in my work as a teacher and personal child coach. By now, the children already become enthousiastic when I arrive. I am the teacher of those fun games that I bring from home. Invariably I hear: “Miss, miss, which games have you brought with you?” At the moment, ZooMemo and Parado are very popular. Even with the 8+ children! Who would have thought that I have the most fun there with the games for the youngest children?!

Especially with ZooMemo I like to make the story really exciting. In this way the kids get involved in the game, so they get eager to play and above all to work together. Everyone has the goal: returning the small animals to their parents before the Director sees that they roam free. The children tell each other about cards they remember, grant each other a pair of tickets and I often hear: “Ah, sweet” when they see the pictures of the young animals. We all happy if we win, if not we are all disappointed and immediately want to play again to succeed in bringing the animals back in time without their parents getting worried.” – Astrid Lammers, Heerhugowaard

We would like to hear from you how and why you use our games. We will mention these experiences here and in our newsletter!


Stores and distributors

For the distribution of our games, we work with specialty stores and distributors in various countries. Should you be interested in joining our cooperative mission, please contact us! An overview of purchase prices and delivery conditions is available on request.

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