Pinch the Poachers

Pinch the Poachers

Ages: 8+,
Players: 2 - 5
Playing time: 20 min
Author: Jouke Korf

Pinch the Poachers

Springtime has come. The ducks, boars and deer are leaving their dens in search of food. But some poachers are determined to catch the animals!

The players are the forest keepers. They protect the animals and try to stop the poachers. The poachers have secret hiding-places, which they only leave for hunting the animals. When we are on the right spot, we can arrest them! But sometimes the poachers escape by boat…

PINCH THE POACHERS is an exciting strategy game in which the players help each other to keep track of the erratic movement of the poachers.

CONTENTS: Game board, 5 forest keeper pawns, 6 poacher pawns, 30 animals, 1 special die, game rules.

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