Ages: 4+,
Players: 2 - 6
Playing time: 20 min
Author: Jouke Korf


Join the great costume party! Every player dresses up several kids with a joyful mixture of various clothes and accessories.

When we are almost dressed up, our guests begin to arrive. As soon as they are all here, we engage in the funniest parade you have ever seen!

PARADO is a co-operative game where fun is the central theme. The players help each other to make crazy outfits! A challenging variation with more strategy for older children is included.

Contents: 36 dress cards, 6 guests, 1 dress case with 30 accessories, 2 color dice, game rules.

Play suggestion

Remember to give each other a dress card now and then. In this way, you can make either neatly fitting or really spitting costumes!

It is OK if one player thereby dresses up more children than the other.

Play experiences

A game that makes you happy. Weird, funny characters that stir the imagination. Even nice to play without using the game rules!
Laura Dumas, Zaandam, The Netherlands
It's nice that each turn, you can usually fit a piece, for yourself or helping others. At the end, a funny story comes as a bonus.
Wieger Bok, Gouda, The Netherlands
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