Ages: 5+,
Players: 1 - 8
Playing time: 15 min
Author: Marleen van Hoornyck


Today the young animals are exploring the zoo. At the end of the day, we help them find their way back their own quarters. But suddenly the lion roars! The young animals are startled and now they are milling about. Meanwhile, the director is on his way to the zoo. Will we succeed in bringing all the animals to their homes before the director arrives?

ZOO MEMO is the co-operative counterpart of the well-known Memory. The players help each other to remember the cards!

Contents: 30 memory cards, 2 game boards, director, game rules.

Play suggestions

After a few games, you can let the zoo director start at the stone. For making the game even more challenging, do not remove the lion card until at least six sets of animals are safely with their parents. Now the cards might be shuffled three or even four times!

Mini expansion

There are 5 extra tiles in the game that can be used to add some variation to the game. The rules did not fit into the 6-language rules booklet, but you can view them online and download them.

Click here for the expansion


Play experiences

A good concept and well-made! I found out that we really had to watch out. The slightly differing animal pairs is a nice detail.
Wim Bart Stoop, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Nice and exciting game. It also makes you laugh together. It's really enjoyable to play. I hope the game will be really famous.
Nisha, Uithoorn, The Netherlands
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