Ages: 8+,
Players: 2 - 4
Playing time: 30 min
Author: Jim Deacove


The players are sky travellers. They explore the universe. On a mission to a strange planet, they suddenly crash! In search of elements to repair their scout craft, they find out that this planet is very different from their home world. The creatures that live here are not nice to each other and have little respect for nature. Luckily, the players have various supernatural powers. Using these, they can conquer the dangers on this planet.

UFO is an exciting game in which co-operation, strategy and imagination play an important role. Together, the players find solutions to the problems they encounter, and therefore, each new game is different.

CONTENTS: Game board, 4 sky travellers, 1 mother ship, 1 normal die, 1 special die, 4 elements, 20 problems, 10 special powers, game rules.