The best team in the world

Seven years ago, at the first fair I attended as a Sunny Games team member, I told Steven: “I think we are the best paid team members here”. Sunny Games team members do not get paid (or at least, not in money). What I meant, is that we were there as a team and we were so happy to play Max the Tomcat with the little children and Antarctica with the big children (30+). Everyone was shining with joy.

Twanneke legt spellen uit op de spellenbeurs in Ranst.

Twanneke and Tamara are explaining Princess and Antarctica at Spel! in Ranst, Belgium.

All team members are happy

I won’t say any longer that it is more fun with us. At fairs we meet a lot of people with a passion for board games, who enjoy to play them for whole days. And at the Sunny Games booth everyone is still shining. These are some reactions of our team members after the Noorderspel fair in Groningen in september 2016:

“It gives a lot of satisfaction to see Nisyros becoming a success. And it is fun to meet more people who are into board games” Elske
“Energetic. Fun. Cosy. Success!” Renske
“One big highlight” Peter (Peter is the author of Nisyros, so he has a special role of course)

Team members are awesome

Team members are awesome. Maybe it is a little bit of a personal message, but it truly is amazing to see how the Sunny Games team co-operates. We have had fantastic fairs in the fall of 2016 with teams of between 4 and 15 people. And it is really nice to see people create something together, explain games to anyone who wants to play and then enjoy it at the same time. Without these people, Sunny Games would look a lot different.

The benefits of being a team member

Our team members join us, because they love co-operative games and share in our co-operative vision. But I do know there are some other perks. This is what our team members receive:

  • Free entrance to the game fair

    Eén van die befaamde lunches. Met Marielke, Frits, Tamara,

    One of those famous lunches. With Dieuwertje, Willem, Marielke, Frits, Tamara

  • Time to explore the fair and play games made by other publishers.
  • Lots of fun conversations, well meant thank-you’s and children lauging together with you.
  • A really delicious biological lunch. (Since the start of Suny Games, we also try to co-operate with the environment)

The Sunny Games team members belong to our inner crowd. They are the first people to know what is happening. They get to play prototypes of new games, before we have even decided if we should publish them.

Het team van Noorderspel in 2012.

The Noorderspel team in 2012: Jouke, Steven, WIllem, Annette.


Do you like what you read?

We have big plans for Spiel in October 2017. We will be working with other publishers to create a co-operative space on the fair. And on this square we need people to join the co-operative team and the Sunny Games team. If it sounds interesting to join a team of international board game enthousiasts, send us an e-mail at

Have you ever been part of a team on a game fair? Either with us or with another publisher? We would like to hear about your experience.

Is there someone who could benefit from this message as well? Please forward this blog by facebook or e-mail. That way you help your friend.

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